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MUKT MANN – Suma Varughese 

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TRAVELLING LIGHT – a compilation of columns from the Life Positive Magazine by Suma Varughese

Loving ourselves is really the supreme love affair of our lives. There is no substitute for it. As long as our love for ourselves is deficient, we will stint the love we have for others.

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THE LAUGHING BUDDHA – edited by Suma Varughese

Memo to the male species: scientists have just discovered a key biological ingredient secreted by man which blocks women’s hormonal synchronicity, weakening their astral sisterhood and thus making them vulnerable to man’s mental argumentative superiority.

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TEACHING STORIES – Selected and interpreted by Jamuna Rangachari

Acquiring knowledge for the purpose of just showing off is useless and often counter-productive. Ultimately, it is only when the goal is defined clearly that knowledge can blossom into wisdom.

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Dr O’Brien has smartly upgraded children’s fables to the techno generation. But the values told through twitter imagery are timeless, though the locations and characters are quintessential 21st century.
Resident Editor, The Week

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JUST WHO AM I ! And Other Stories – K. Geethanjali

Get ready to meet Neel, the tiny cat, as his desire to prove that he is more than a tiny black cat takes him on an adventure of a lifetime. Can the beautiful gentle Lily of the valley find eternal spring in the midst of the harsh Himalayan setting? And how can Sparkles ever get the halo she longs for when she is busy giving away all her light? Will Payal ever reach the heights she is destined for if she never ever flaps her wings and attempts to soar?

Let’s enter a world of angels and nature spirits. The result is sheer magic!

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