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MUKT MANN – Suma Varughese 

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When faced with a choice of schools, take a good look at what the school feels like and find out what its vibe is.

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A cowherd took his cows to the meadows every morning, and brought them back to the cowshed at the end of the day. One evening, as he was tying the cows up for the night, the boy found that one of them was missing her rope. He feared that she might run away, but it was too late to go and buy a new rope. The boy did not know what to do, so he went to a wise man, who lived nearby and sought his advice.

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MILK – a Silent Killer : a book by Dr. N. K. Sharma

It is interesting to review what Osho said about milk 30 years ago:

“The milk you are drinking has not been produced for you. You drink cow’s milk. It is produced for calves. It is for growing bulls. Milk is not a pure food. From milk, sex desire will awaken. Moreover, sex desire as that of a bull, not just a little, because God made it for a bull, not for you.

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TRAVELLING LIGHT – a compilation of columns from the Life Positive Magazine by Suma Varughese

Loving ourselves is really the supreme love affair of our lives. There is no substitute for it. As long as our love for ourselves is deficient, we will stint the love we have for others.

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THE LAUGHING BUDDHA – edited by Suma Varughese

Memo to the male species: scientists have just discovered a key biological ingredient secreted by man which blocks women’s hormonal synchronicity, weakening their astral sisterhood and thus making them vulnerable to man’s mental argumentative superiority.

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