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I Can Heal Myself in 7 Days

By having to depend on their own self-efforts to eliminate cancer and prevent its recurrence, people have reconnected with Divinity and discovered their true essence. All cancer survivors have made some holistic practice like yoga and meditation an integral part of their healing programme.

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I Can Heal Myself in 7 Days

This book explores the simple ways of attaining the perfection of a human being with the invisible doctor sitting inside us.

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The Seven Mystical Laws of Self Healing

If your immune system disbands its army, there will be no-one to check these miscreant, aberrant cells, and unhindered, they will flourish and grow like vandals in the absence of a police force.

The Seven Mystical Laws of Self Healing

Day 2 – August 24th, 2014 (Sunday)

The Life Positive Expo 2014 – Kolkata 

At:  Swabhumi – The Heritage Plaza

Secrets of Self-Healing by Mr. Sanjiv Ranjan

Timings: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Tune into the universal mind where all miracles are born, and recover from chronic or life threatening diseases. Invoke the infinite power of the universe in the body, mind and soul of your very self. Experience Hands-on techniques of self Healing, meditation exercises and timeless wisdom.
Facilitator Sanjiv Ranjan, a gifted healer, visionary and reformist writer of the Seven Mystical Laws of Self- Healing is the Founder of All India Institute of Mind Body Medicine. He is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Institute of Hypnosis, Theta Healer from Vianna Stibal’s THINK Institute, USA, Practitioner of Art of Organ Regeneration from Arcady Petrov Foundation. Sanjiv Ranjan, started his career in the corporate world as a creative resource and has worked with the likes of Lintas, Mudra, Percept and Everest Advertising, creating many award winning successful ad campaigns and providing branding and communication solutions to some of the biggest names in the corporate industry.
Feeling drawn towards the vast potential of the human mind, and the deeply mysterious science of self healing, his fascination grew to an intense search. He then studied under various masters who taught him the deeper secrets of the mind body connection, and it is from there that his vision of transformation medicine as well as personal power was born. he is well versed with the ancient techniques of healing and communicating with the body mind.
His insights on personal power and the nature of the self, have helped many patients to recover from serious life threatening diseases for which there was no known cure except for taking lifelong medication and then succumbing to their disease.


The Seven Mystical Laws of Self Healing

Secrets of Self Healing – what to expect from this workshop

Sanjiv Ranjan’s workshop on self-healing carries with it a touch of mystical power that belies his soft and unassuming personality. Defining ill-health as only the absence of health, Sanjiv says that the body is equipped and designed to self-heal; however we complicate matters with our tendency to blame and resist. He defines the four keys to self healing as: capacity to take responsibility, eliminate fears, work on our beliefs, and loving ourselves. Asking participants to make a list of their fears, he encourages them to see how it was limiting their lives and advises them to focus on the heart, each time fear assailed them. He leads them through a beautiful meditation, asking them to visualise white light from the heart breaking through all the walls built around them, and to visualise a golden ball in the region of the heart shielding them with its protective golden light.

He then asks participants to make a list of their limiting beliefs, and to imagine the worst that could happen if these beliefs were true, and to accept them. He leads them through another meditation to heal limiting beliefs, and replace them with positive ones.

Post-lunch, Sanjiv dives into the vast subject of self-love. The group is asked to read a powerful oath honouring themselves and to sign it too. There are other exercises they are asked to do, such as writing what their physical, emotional and mental states would be if they were well. With every meditation, Sanjiv adds his own meditation and blessings. At the end of the day, most leave with a sense of benediction and greater hope.

We wish the best for this workshop in Kolkata to be held on 24th August 2014 and hope that all the participants return happy.

Acupressure for Total Wellness

This is a high quality edition with very good illustrations. The language is precise and pleasing and the instructions are crystal clear. The importance of spleen, gall bladder and lymph points has been a revelation which are generally ignored in allopathic approach. Several case studies are mentioned.
The book gives hope to the sick who can literally take health into their own hands !!
A MUST in everyone’s book-shelf.


Purposeful Thinking Vs Positive Thinking

Most of my friends think, I am in the business of Positive Thinking. And nothing can be further from the truth.
For one, I truly believe in the power of holistic thinking. The good, the bad and the ugly. And secondly, I use whatever is necessary to induce transformation including STRONG USEFUL NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.

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Ooops! A Toolkit for Parents

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Venue – Life Positive Soul Space, Ackruti Centre Point, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai.