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THE ROAD TAKEN – Chandan Das

8-10 thousand thalassaemic children are born every
year,out of which 80-90 per cent die each year, and presently there
are approximately a hundred thousand thalassaemic children
in the country.



I CAN HEAL MYSELF IN 7 DAYS – Dr B. K. Chandrashekhar 

I Can Heal Myself in 7 Days is Dr B K Chandra Shekhar’s key to unlocking the universal healer, this Invisible Doctor, within us. It is a testimony to his own proven journey from cancer, hepatitis-C, and diabetes to perfect health. It is a simple step-by-step, practical guide in Rajyoga and psycho-neurobics, taking one through thought, chakra, and mudra to a world of vibrant health, even from the most debilitating of diseases. Gift yourself 7 days of complete transformation.

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When attacked, we cannot allow ourselves to give gentle punches and kicks that do not really hurt our attacker. Moreover if there are
several of them, such blows will prove useless.  


moment you begin to create consciously, fear dissolves, because
fear is a function of the unconscious mind. 

THE ROAD TAKEN – Chandan Das

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THE LAUGHING BUDDHA – edited by Suma Varughese

Memo to the male species: scientists have just discovered a key biological ingredient secreted by man which blocks women’s hormonal synchronicity, weakening their astral sisterhood and thus making them vulnerable to man’s mental argumentative superiority.

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