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I Want Healthy Kids

What is your child’s favourite tiffin / lunch for school? Send us the recipe at and find the winning recipe of the week on Alia’s blog. Hurry – last day for receiving this week’s entries is Friday, 22nd August.


Alia Almoayed – BSc, MA, Dip BCNH, MBANT


Alia Almoayed is a Nutritional Therapist qualified at the reputed UK College of Nutrition and Health in London. She runs a busy nutrition consultancy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, offering nutrition advice to the Middle East community. Author of The Dream Body Eating Plan and co-author of 101 Ways to Improve Your Health, she also writes health articles for various publications, conducts lectures and seminars about health and nutrition, and heads a number of weight loss projects.


Alia is an active mother of two young children, from whom she derives a big part of her inspiration and motivation to keep kids healthy. She applies most of her nutrition knowledge to her children and also learns a lot from them! Currently, Alia lives in Bahrain, the country of her origin, and spends most of her free time on extracurricular activities with her family. An ex-marathon runner, she now focuses her fitness regimen on what she loves most: yoga.


I Want Healthy Kids

Send in your entries for the “Lunch Box recipe of the Week” contest. Email your entries to

I Want Healthy Kids

So have you sent your lunch box recipe? Remember the email is

I Want Healthy Kids

Our contest for the “Children’s Lunch Box Recipe of the week’ is open. Every week Alia will select the best entry and post it to her blog. So what are you waiting for? Send in your recipes to us on with your name clearly mentioned. This contest is open to all.

I Want Healthy Kids

From today we are starting a contest for the “Lunch Box Recipe of the Week”.

Please send your entries to

Winners will be selected by Alia Almoayed. Winning entries will be posted to this page and to Alia’s blog.

So what are you waiting for, Hurry and send your entries…….

Purposeful Thinking Vs Positive Thinking

Most of my friends think, I am in the business of Positive Thinking. And nothing can be further from the truth.
For one, I truly believe in the power of holistic thinking. The good, the bad and the ugly. And secondly, I use whatever is necessary to induce transformation including STRONG USEFUL NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.

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Elixir for Zylake

Rainwater Harvesting – is it here to stay or will man find a new solution to conserve fresh water?

Harnam Sethi’s Journey to Self Discovery

Full of pep, Harnam mailed his stuff to a prominent magazine and waited eagerly for the response. He was sure it would be published. A few days later, he got it back along with the famous ‘compliments and regret of the editor’. Nothing could be more humbling and chastening than the sight of a rejection slip. What a fool he was, he said to himself, to have sent such silly stuff for publication. Couldn’t he revise, polish or put some more life into it? It was so depressing. With renewed determination, he coolly got down to the job again.

How many of you can relate to this firm of rejection? Share with us your experience and get a chance to be featured in our magazine.

Email :

I Want Healthy Kids

Fussy Eaters
Rule #3:
If you want your child to eat healthy food you have to persevere and keep offering it over and over again until it becomes part of their ‘approved’ list and venture into trying it.