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I CAN HEAL MYSELF IN 7 DAYS – Dr. B. K. Chandrashekhar 

‘During the healing process, Rajyoga works like an
antioxidant. It not only increases the willpower of the
patients to fight the disease but also reduces the gravity
of the disease.’

— Dr Yashpal Agrawal,
MBBS, DTMandH, Medical and Heart Specialist, of Dr
Beni Prasad Hospital, Jagadhari Road, Ambala Cantt. (Dr
Yashpal Agrawal himself experienced the power of Rajyoga
and treats his patients with Invisible Doctor’s therapy
and gets miraculous results in healing at his hospital.)


I CAN HEAL MYSELF IN 7 DAYS – Dr B. K. Chandrashekhar 

I Can Heal Myself in 7 Days is Dr B K Chandra Shekhar’s key to unlocking the universal healer, this Invisible Doctor, within us. It is a testimony to his own proven journey from cancer, hepatitis-C, and diabetes to perfect health. It is a simple step-by-step, practical guide in Rajyoga and psycho-neurobics, taking one through thought, chakra, and mudra to a world of vibrant health, even from the most debilitating of diseases. Gift yourself 7 days of complete transformation.

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moment you begin to create consciously, fear dissolves, because
fear is a function of the unconscious mind. 

I Can Heal Myself in 7 Days – Dr B.K. Chandrashekhar

A book review

Whether you are suffering from a dreaded disease like cancer or a simple headache – I Can Heal Myself is the perfect answer to all your health problems. It is a book to read again and again and lead a healthy life.


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The Road Taken – Chandan Das

A book review

Chandan Das is a wonderful author who has expressed the story of a Thalassaemic patient in simple but beautiful words which captivate the reader…I just could not put this book down till I reached the end.


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THE ROAD TAKEN – Chandan Das

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