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Elixir for Zylake

An extract from Chapter 1

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Slowly, Grasus dug out the picture of his parents from his pocket and gazed longingly at it. He had never known his parents. They had both died when he was a baby. Not that his life was a bad one because of this. All children were looked after equally well in Zylake.

Grasus and his World


—– an extract from Elixir for Zylake

With a thumping heart, Grasus looked into the pond to see his reflection.

He was flabbergasted. The antennae on top of his head had vanished. Two of his eyes had vanished. He had only two now. His bright green colour had become a pale brown. His red hair, which pointed upward beautifully, had turned black and was all flattened. His lovely purple teeth had become white. His long nose had become pretty small now. And…instead of flowers and leafs, he was wearing a strange thing, a stretchy substance which had two pieces, one for the upper part and one for the lower part of his body. The only thing that remained of his former self was the multi-coloured pendant from his parents, around his neck. That little pendant still being there was very comforting in the face of the shocking transformation.

‘Don’t worry,’ reassured Rorix. ‘That’s what a human looks like. The human is the highest being on Planet Earth. You have to go there NOW. Your mission is to go to Planet Earth to find a magic liquid that will save our planet. This you can find only where humans are present. Now that you look like one of them, you will be able to go there and find the liquid,’ said Rorix, gently.

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More Teaching Stories


“A story means giving light doses where heavy doses will not work. A story makes a subject easily readable as well as easily understandable.”

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan – Founder of the Centre for Peace and Spiirituality

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Rainwater Harvesting Art & Slogan Competition

Water day for this year was on 22nd March 2014. Oops!! we missed it. Still, we all love water, don’t we?

Send us your best water moment. This could be during rains, in a waterfall or even at home.
Let us also know how we can make sure we will always have water moments in our lives.
Send in your thoughts and/or paintings/images along with your picture and profile.

The five best pictures, slogans and comments shall be selected for our ‘international’ hero of the month in April on our website and social media sites.

HURRY !! Last date of receiving entries is 5th April 2014 before midnight.
Mail your Entries to :
Do write “Contest” in the subject line.