Elixir for Zylake

Author Jamuna Rangachari allows the imagination of little ones to soar as she weaves a tale around a planet called Zylake. The planet is in danger when a large toxic cloud is sent by its neighbour Traxon, threatening its very existence. As one begins to wonder who would be the planet’s saviour… enters the chosen one,a child. The big question is, will he be able to find the elixir for Zylake? Then begins the journey to find an answer to the pertinent question through a holistic blend of adventure and life skills.

Elixir for Zylake attempts to deliver strong messages for children, such as respect fellow human beings, value the planet’s resources, besides appreciating the efforts people are making to make human living conditions better. The dire need to save the planet and understand rainwater harvesting and other water related issues, become more effective with an element of adventure combined with simple language that children would be able to relate to.

– Reviewed by Namrata Gulati, Asst Editor, The Global Times

Purchase link : http://lifepositive.com/product/elixir-for-zylake/

Email : varuna@lifepositive.netzylake front cover


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