Twitt-er on a Saddle

About Author:
Terry O’Brien is a man of many parts: Language expert, quiz enthusiast, Motivational Speaker, Playwright, academic, columnist and versatile author. 

Writing Style: 4/5

‘Twitt-er on the Saddle’ is a nice book for children. Social media has crawled into our lives so intensely that our mornings start with status updates and tweets of mornings and we feel sleepy only after we have updated statuses and tweets about feeling sleepy. The new generation has got this new toy to play with. The child might not have learnt ABCD, but it knows how to scroll the pictures on gadgets and how to hold phone near to their ear. Maybe this techno-savvy generation is the inspiration behind these stories where the blue bird of Twitter goes on a vacation tired of ‘said’, ‘done’ and ‘undone’. This book depicts Twitter’s journey throughout the world and his learnings. Through his learnings beautiful messages are given. Some experiences are well familiar to us, yet the changed point of view is delightful.

My overall rating for this work is 4/5.
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Paperback: 59 pages
Publisher: LifePositive Publications
Language: English



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