The Seven Mystical Laws of Self Healing

How do we heal ourselves ?

We have progressed in many areas today but we still have not understood the human condition and health. No doubt, there is progress there too. Medicinal miracles have conquered the world of infectious diseases like small pox, diarrhoea and many others. Basically, when the enemy is outside, it is conquerable.  It had now been identified. And it could be killed, without harming the human organism permanently. Man had conquered disease . . . or so he thought. But Nature thought otherwise. She had a few tricks up her powerful sleeve. The spectrum of disease changed. It took a turn. We were now facing diseases that the body had created on its own. From acute infectious diseases, we moved to battling chronic, lifestyle related ones. This time, the enemy was within. By now, we had gotten used to popping pills.

So we went on to create life-long medication. From occasional usage, we went on to popping them every day. And somehow life went on, albeit a bit crippled. And from there, the battle became even more deadly and bloodthirsty as we moved to the mother of all diseases – Cancer – the dreaded death knell that even today sends a shiver down anyone’s spine.

Here also, the answer is within.  How do now lead a life that conquers all diseases ? There are ways and we can do it.

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