Teaching Stories


Very often we do not know our own strength.  Very often, folklore and stories try to point this very fact to us.

In our book, the Teaching Stories, there is one such pithy and extremely empowering story.

A pregnant tigress once jumped into the midst of a flock of sheep. Just as she did so, she went into labour. She gave birth to a single tiger cub and then died on the spot. The kind-hearted sheep then took it upon themselves to care for the cub, like one of their own. Nursing and suckling him, they brought him up to be one of them, so he thought himself to be a sheep just like them. When they grazed on grass, the orphaned cub did the same. He learnt to bleat like the rest of the sheep, joining in with them, even if he sounded strangely different. And as time went by, he grew up into a fine young tiger, albeit with the character of a sheep.

Find out what happens next in our book, the Teaching Stories.

Book is available online on our website : http://lifepositive.com/product/teaching-stories/

Email : varuna@lifepositive.net

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