Ooops! A Toolkit for Parents


About the Author :

Erik R. Robertson is an author, trainer, media personality, and coach in the fields of parenting, management, leadership, and consciousness.

Erik holds a degree in educational psychology from the University of Amsterdam. A successful career with many non-profit institutions in education, health care, and care for the mentally and physically impaired, culminated in an equally successful counselling practice for parenting. He created the acclaimed Love and Law model of parenting, cofounded the Learning with Heart and Soul Conferences, and represented The Netherlands in an EU international educational/parenting project from 2008 to 2010.

Erik travels extensively all over the world and considers India his second home, where he lives for a few months in a year, visiting an ashram, advising universities, and co-organizing a mentoring pilot programme. Ten per cent of his profits go to projects that offer direct help to the poorest of India with free health care, education, and clean water. He is also a supporter of Tibetan monks and nuns living in exile in India.


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