Travelling Light

Travelling Light – Walking the path of letting go
A compilation by Suma Varughese

Suma Varughese’s columns in Life Positive magazine have always enjoyed an enthusiastic fan following. Unpretentious, vulnerable and honest, they pierce the heart, even as her insights, wisdom and breadth of vision challenge, provoke and inspire. Through her columns she unfolds the vagaries and vicissitudes of a contemporary seeker, strapped in the harness of urban householder life, and yet striving relentlessly for liberation. With the enthusiasm of an explorer, she lays bare for the reader her discoveries on the path, learning to take responsibility, right communication, acceptance, surrender, the art of praying, moving from trying to being, learning to love oneself, the secrets of healing and other aspects of self-transformation. Her dauntless optimism and undying conviction that all life events are opportunities for growth make this book a testament of hope and faith. All those who seek to understand themselves or life will resonate with this book’s gentle wisdom and penetrating clarity.

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