Teaching Stories


Sometime back, my children asked me why we had to go certain temples to pray to God ? Was God not omnipresent ? Where was the necessity to find him in a particular location only? This reminded me of the story of Mullah Nusruddin from The Teaching stories.

A man was walking home late one night when he saw Mullah Nasruddin on his hands and knees, searching under a street light for something on the ground. “Mullah, what have you lost?” he asked. “The key to my house,” Nasruddin said. “I’ll help you look,” the man said.

The story goes on to tell us how the search continued. The story, though seems like just a funny tale, has a much deeper meaning. Very often we look in the wrong place for our answers, only because that place is more convenient. This is particularly true of the mystery of life. ‘My house’ in this tale is a metaphor for ‘my inner self.” If our objective is to understand this mystery, the key to unlock it has to be found where it got lost, that is within our inner self, and not by external rituals or places.


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